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Sabang is a town name on an island north of Banda Aceh, well known as "Pulau Weh" is the best known island for its snorkelling and diving. It's also one of the favourite destination for divers from all of the world. The wonder of Sabang not only from the beautifull landscape, but also under the sea.

Banda Aceh The city still has many to offer, such as The Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is a symbol of religion, culture, spirit, strength, struggle and nationalism of Acehnese people. The mosque is a landmark of Banda Aceh and has survived the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Aceh Besar has gorgeous beaches. Lhonga and Lampuuk are the famous beaches in the west coast. But you can also opt for Ujung Batee in Krueng Raya, where the pine trees creating shadow spots along the beach protecting you from the heat. Surfers can go to Lhonga, Lampuuk or Ujong Batee for surfing. The wave, although is not as dramatic as in Nias island, but good enough for surfing.

The Beauty of Sabang


The destination, we heading to Sabang island. Sabang or also known as Weh Island are one of the favourite destination for divers from all of the world. The wonder of Sabang not only from the beautifull landscape, buat also under the sea. So, if we have a trip here, better you packed the diving stuff: googles, fins, and also under water camera. Its a heaven at the land and under the sea.

Sabang Map

Sabang is a small island, this region belong to Aceh province.They laid in the northest part of Indonesia. From this island,the Republic of Indonesia has started to count from zero kilometre, and streched straight over 12.000 island to the east. From Banda Aceh, we need to catch up the speed boat at Ulee Lhee harbour. The well known Marine Park at Rubiah Island is the most favourite place to visit. Iboih Beach, Gapang Beach, and also Paradiso Beach are gourgeus places to visit. This island also has stunning place to visit such as Pria Laot Waterfall, u wouldn't regret it.

Pria Laot Waterfall

Diversity of Rubiah Island's underwater

Kilometer 0
There is one famous monument in Sabang called: “Titik Nol Kilometer”. Starting from this monument, they start to count “a zero kilometre”. This point are important part to meassure how long the Republic of Indonesia when it streched from west to east over 12,000 island. That is really far (Java island itself measured about 1500 km from west to east).

Sate Gurita with Javanese sauce
Finally, Sate Gurita (octopus satay) was on our top list of Sabang's must try food. You must tried it. This place is an outdoor eating place with various food stalls. You may choose the sauce of your Sate Gurita: the Padangnese sauce (spicy) or Javanese sauce (peanut sauce).

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Banda Aceh The Symbol of Religion And Tourism

Grand Mosque
The Great of Baiturrahman Mosque is the main feature of Banda Aceh today. Lying at the heart of the city completed with excellent architectural style, this mosque is really one of Indonesia prime tourism sides. The Mosque was built in 12 Century and had caught fire several time include when the Dutch attacked Kutaraja (Banda Aceh) in 1873. The Mosque is extra ordinary in architecture and ornamentation. It has five onion shaped domes, two tall mine rates, wide white walls, and around is pillars various kinds of beautiful ornament.

Aceh Museum
The main building of Aceh Negeri Museum is a house, built in a traditional style by the Dutch Governor Van Swart in 1914. The museum has 3 floors filled with antique weapons, gold jewelry, ceremonial costumes and household furnishings. This museum is an excellent example of traditional architecture, built completely without nails, being held together by cord and pegs. Among the exhibits is a big clock Cakra Donya, a gift from China Emperor and brought to Aceh by the famed Admiral Cheng Ho in 1414. On the bell can be found a Chinese script, Sing Fang Niat Toeng Juut Kat, only chinese paople may know that mean.

Tsunami Museum
The museum is officially opened by The President of The Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on February 23rd, 2009. The building is developed with "Rumoh Aceh Escape Hill" concept that has special Aceh architecture, it can be seen by the exterior design with saman design, as well as the interior which describe the greatness of the Majesty Lord, Allah S.W.T.

Gunongan is a park, call it Putroe Phang Park built by Sultan Iskandar Muda (1608-1636). Sultan Iskandar Muda built this park for his wife, Princess Pahang. According to the history, Princess Pahang always homesick to her hometown, Pahang, Malaysia. Sultan knew about this and built this park with hilly structure like hills on Penang. The Princess Pahang name is Princess Kamaliah. She is also advisor for her husband, she is made rule of law about children and woman protection then, the law realized by her daughter, Queen Safiatuddin.

Boat On The Roof
A 30-meter-long fishing boat remains stuck on the roof of a house in Lampulo village, in Banda Aceh’s KutaAlam sub-district, almost two kilometers away from the coast. 
The earthquake had destroyed a lot of buildings on their street, but they found a house that was still standing and the six of them ran inside and up to the second floor A plaque below the boat states that the 59 people who sought shelter aboard it that survived in the December 26, 2004 tsunami disaster.

The Naturalness From Aceh Besar

Get amazing experience by travel with us to visit many marvelous places which untouched by human.

Lampu'uk Beach
Lampu'uk Beach offers incredible scenery, naturalness, and also heaven for local and international tourist. You dont want to miss all of it.
For swimming the best is the exquisite white sand beach at Lampu'uk. Remember to dress appropriately, local women swim fully clothed.

Lhoong Waterfall
Lhoong waterfall is one of  many gorgeous places in Aceh Besar and sure you don't want to miss it. It has natural view surroundings it, we will through the forest to get there.
This waterfall still natural, no processed from the man himself.

Indra Patra Fortress
Indra Patra Fortress was built during the pre-Islamic, by the King of the Kingdom Lamuri which is a Hindu Kingdom First in Aceh, precisely at the VII century AD.
Currently, only two of the three forts are still standing strong. Main Fortress measuring 70m X 70m; with a height of 4 meters and a wall thickness of approximately 2 meters. Unique architecture, Large, made of "limestone concrete" (: mountain stone structure, with glue (estimate) of a mixture of lime, Clay, and alusan Leather Shell, as well as eggs).

Hamzah Fansuri's Grave
Hamzah Fansuri, d. c. 1590 was a Sumatran Sufi writer, the first known to pen mystical panentheistic ideas in the Malay language. He wrote both prose and poetry, and worked at the court of the Aceh Sultanate.

Mie Aceh
Finally, this is our legendary food here, Mie Aceh. Noodles cooked using milled spices such as pepper, onion, garlic, pecans, pepper or add other spices desired. Mie Aceh usually served with crackers, fried onions, and cucumber. It can be fried, boiled or pan-fried. It's really amazing and will make you addicted.
Mie Aceh also can be combined with shrimp, egg, beef or chicken meat, oysters and crabs. It would make sense Aceh noodles more delicious.

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